5 Best Dashboard Video Recorders

Dashboard cameras or dashboard video recorders have become very popular in the last few years owing to its various benefits. This is basically a type of camera that stays mounted on the dashboard of a car, and it helps record images and sounds while you drive. It easily records every detail that takes place inside the car and also on the road. It can be used as evidence in case of accidents, and can be a great solution for undisciplined drivers, and a relief for worried parents. If all this seems interesting and you wish to buy a dashboard video recorder, then go through the list given below to discover some of the best options you have.


  1. Nextbase InCarCam 402G Professional


This Nextbase model will help you capture your journey in 1080p High Definition quality. The device comes with ultra wide angle lens, with infra-red transmitters, which will help you capture everything perfectly, in the day as well as at night. This recorder captures and saves footage of incidents and thus can prove to be of great help.


  1. Super Legend HD Video Car Dash Vehicle Recorder


This is a 2.5 inch screen compact digital video recorder with 270 degrees rotary TFT LCD screen. It starts recording as soon as the car starts and saves the last file when the car stops. This video recorder is a must have for safety, legal and/or insurance purposes.


  1. Transcend 16GB DrivePro 200 Car Video Recorder


The Transcend DrivePro recorder has an advance wide angle camera lens that perfectly captures full HD video, helping you save reliable evidences. Its 160 degree viewing angle offers extra wide perspective, and its 7 glass lens ensures ultra sharp picture quality.


  1. AUTO-VOX G1W Car DVR Camera Recorder


The AUTO-VOX G1W recorder is one of the best car dashcams you will come across. It has a simple innovative design, is easy to install and easy to use. It is the same technology used in remote control drones. It comes with advanced H.264 video compression technology, and its seamless loop cycle offers perfect audio and video recording. Owing to its innovative swivel ball suction mount, you can easily attach the recorder to any flat surface.


  1. Boriyuan HD 1080P Car Video Recorder


This is one of the best dashboard video recorders that you will come across. Its motion detection feature will start recording whenever there is movement, and once the movement stops, it automatically stops recording. You can use its support time setting feature to set the recording time before you start driving. Owing to its G-sensor function, once the gravitational acceleration reaches 6g, the camera will save the recorded video as undeletable file, and thus you can be sure your evidences will be saved properly.