Best car Accessories

The Parrot Minikit Smart Universal Bluetooth Car kit.

This is an in-car holder for your mobile phone, with built in Bluetooth technology. The phone holder affixes to the windscreen of your car by means of a suction mount and keeps your mobile phone in place through a spring loaded clamp. The hands-free is activated by pressing a button at the base of the unit, saying who you want to call and then letting the voice recognition function of this kit dial someone in your contact list. Usually voice recognition in other models are not very good, but this one works quite well. The speaker of this model is quite loud and clear, if your phone has a satnav function the directions can even be played through this device.

Breffo Spiderpodium Original

Underneath the Breffo Spiderpodium’s soft rubber skin is a steel skeleton, bending all manner of shapes. This is known as a smartphone holder but can also accommodate most satnav units, which makes it an ideal in-car companion. To make use of this holder simply hook four of the eight legs around the device and the other four into your airvent.

Karcher Chassis cleaner

Throughout the winter months, it is very important to maintain the bottom of your car, by keeping it clean and safe from corrosive road salt. For that job nothing has the power to clean a chassis like this. Simply attach it to a high pressure washer and use it to clean underneath the car with a supplied shampoo and high pressure rinse. The chassis cleaner can also be utilised to add a layer of treatment that will last for six weeks, protecting your car from corrosion.

The Halfords Exodus Rear High mount.

If you are transporting bicycles on the back of your car, you definitely need a carrier that is sturdy but also not too heavy and this rear high mount can definitely accommodate up to three bicycles, with a maximum weight load of forty five kilograms. It is very useful when regularly riding off road and not wanting to get the interior of your car covered in mud. This unit comes fully assembled, also don’t forget the best part your boot is now empty to fill with whatever else you may require for your endeavours.

The Halfords twelve volt vacuum cleaner

This tiny unit may be on the cheap side of car accessories, but it is a great performer. It runs from your car’s cigarette lighter socket and has three attachments, so that you may reach those difficult places while you clean.


In the past it has been quit the trend to fit your car with large alloy wheels and low profile tyres. This might give you better grip and residual values, there are downsides like poor ride quality and increasing tyre noise, and of course, there is a higher risk of damaging those large wheels by bumping into a kerb. That is where AlloyGators come in, they are made of very tough nylon, and sit in between the alloy wheel and the tyre, to protect the rim in the event that you should have an accident and hit something. The manufacturer claims that you can fit these yourself in under an hour, but they also supply a nationwide fitting network that is to the disposal of their clients. To find some great vehicles for these accessories find cars ni and car parts on Everything Motoring Ireland.