The Best FM Transmitters On The UK Market

Long gone are those days when you could simply buy a car and upgrade its stereo with relative ease. Today’s vehicles use complex wiring systems while manufacturers no longer use uniform head units sizes meaning drivers are forced to stick to the standard kits. Unfortunately, such kits don’t allow one to plug in his/her mp3 player.

An FM transmitter allows you to connect your device and match the radio frequency. Below, you will find the best FM transmitters on the UK market.

1. The Belkin Car-Audio Connect FM Bluetooth transmitter
This transmitter has the clearest sound quality in the market. It is very easy to use, allowing you to steam music directly from your device through Bluetooth, with the 12v power cable being the only wire on the device.

Its connectivity allows you to work with the Apple’s Siri-Voice control in selecting songs and receiving/making calls hand-free. It retails at £ 69.99 in most outlets. Its impressive features justify its high price.

2. The Belkin Tune cast II
Its low price and ease of use will appeal to most drivers looking for simple solutions. The device only connects to a 3.5mm jack, allowing it to be used with a wide range of devices. It retails for £20.99 in most major outlets.

3. The Logic IP163K
The device has similar features and looks with the Tune cast II, but has an USB port that allows you to charge your MP3 player or phone. Its sound quality is inferior to that of the tune cast II. Music is transmitted via a 3.5mm jack. It retails for £14.99 in most outlets.

4. The Belkin Tune Cast Auto Live
This transmitter is among the few that connects to the new iPods and iPhones with a lightning socket. It is also very simple to use. It has a 12V plugging into a cigarette lighter and another connection to apple products. It allows the user to play music and charge at the same time. Its poor sound quality places it at no. four in our list.

5. The Griffin Auto transmitter
It has a scan button to try and find the best frequency in an area. Its easy installation and set-up implies that you will be playing your music in a matter of seconds. This device can only charge old thirty-pin apple products. Its sound quality is not also very assured.
It retails for £29.99 in most outlets.

6. The Scosche tune-FREQ RDS
The device is sleek and compact meaning that you will barely notice it after connecting to your iPod or iPhone. It is solid build allowing it to route firmly into a 30-pin socket of an Apple device. It also shows the song name on the RDS display. It retails for £34.77 which is a little expensive due to its low sound quality.

7. The Monster iCarplay wireless 1,000 FM transmitter
It promises a solid feel which means that it rarely disappoints. Its sound quality is among the best on the market. It also charges apple devices while still playing music. However, its clumsy frequency selection implies that it isn’t among the easiest devices to use. It retails at £55 but will only work with the older iPods and iPhones.

8. The Maplin FM transmitter
Set-up and installation is effortless as you only need to plug it into a 30 pin Apple device and a 12V socket. Its signal is very strong but its sound quality is average. It is also exclusively available via Maplin. It retails for £9.99 in most outlets.

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